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Current Rates

 Day Access  Monthly Individual  Monthly Family  Super Looter  Organized Play
 $5.00 $15.00 $25.00 $30.00 Per Event*
 Day Access  Month Long Access 2 Adult Family Members  1 Super Looter 2 Friends  Event Participation
 1 Individual and up to 2 Youth Per Adult  Each Visit Grants Day Access

All Members get the following benefits.

Access to the Loot Comic Book Library

How many new comics can your read in a single sitting? How about all of them! We curate a selection of all the new releases and make copies for members to read every week. So if you are new and don’t know where to start or want to check out a series without knowing if you will like it, here is your chance! New Comics posted every Wednesday for members.

Access to the Loot Board Game Library

Whether your a novice, looking for a family game night, or want to dungeon delve like a pro. You can be sure we have a game for you. Specially curated for all genre and skill levels, we have an ever growing library that grows as the industry grows. Browse over 100 + Games and ask one of our experts for recommendations.

Access to the Loot RPG Library & Supplies

The RPG Library will consist of several popular volumes of RPG Books from Dungeons and Dragons, Superheros and Miniatures. As well as pre-generated characters, extra character sheets, vinyl maps, markers, extra pencils, and most of everything you need to participate or run a game!

WiFi Access

Can’t forget the ever important internet to do internet things while you enjoy all of the other awesome things we have.

Lounge and Some Light Retro Consoles

On top of it all throw in a few comfy chairs, a few coffee tables, and a few small tv’s scattered throughout the shop with some retro video games makes for a nice change of pace.