Organized Play

Most organized play programs are run by the players. So if you you have a game or game group you would like to meet or run on occasion. Loot would be happy to support you and in some cases sponsor you with cool stuff, as some games may require a store to partner with.

What Kind of Games Can have Organized Play?


We don’t limit Organized Play to official programs, we believe all games have fans, and those fans should be able to meet regularly.

How do I get my event on the Calendar?

It is as easy as just asking! Ask a manager or message our Facebook page.
Pick date and secure some table space at the shop! Make sure there is space on your given day by asking as even if something is on the calendar there may or may not be room on a given day of the week. Start telling your friends or game group and start running events. If your game is always open to new players and you consistently get at least 4 – 8 people each event it is very likely we will sponsor you as an Organizer!

What do I get when I am a Sponsored Organizer?

Here’s the bonus! If you consistently run an event, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and build a happy and healthy community we are happy to Sponsor you with Organizer Perks. These can include but our not limited to:

  • Discounts on Purchases in Store
  • Store Credit.
  • Additional Prize Support for your events!
  • Promotional Material we get our hands on for your specific game
  • and anything else we think is reasonable to build the community.

Are there any Organizers Loot is looking for?

As stated above we support all games, However we like to see events that are inclusive to new gamers and draw a community especially. We also wouldn’t mind a comic book club or two as well. We do have a gap as far as collectible games like Pokemon,Yugioh, and Magic the Gathering.